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FORGE’s Red Barn Residencies offer inspired space to collaborate and create outside of the swings and doldrums of daily life.

Dedicate 5 days' to develop and play in our 1,300 square foot Red Barn in Danbury, Connecticut, and set your schedule to best suit your work, alongside opportunities for feedback and consultation, with expert leadership and hospitality


Red Barn Residencies are open to individuals or groups (up to 8) looking to spend focused time on a project, ideally on its feet.


To book a Red Barn Residency, fill out the intake form below with your project's needs, budget, and timing.

2023 Dates

To Be Determined...

by you!

Fill out our Intake Form to request a week that works for your project!


FORGE Red Barn Residency participants receive:

  • Five full days of development time in a 1300 square foot renovated barn.

  • Freedom to expand your vision with like-minded artists. 

  • Opportunities for producorial and developmental feedback from FORGE.

  • Space to eat, sleep, and work in comfort for the duration of the week in Danbury, CT.

  • Meals curated and prepared by FORGE.

  • A clean and cool swimming pool for exercise and relaxation.

  • Logistical support to and from the Retreat.​

  • 3 acres of stunning property to muse, roam, and explore; Perfect for jumpstarting any process, just 90 minutes outside of NYC.

Participants are responsible for:

  • A great work ethic and professional collaborative stance. Read our code of conduct here

  • A flat fee per Residency according to group size, plus $50 per person, per day.

    • 1-3 participants: $600 ($850-$1350 total)

    • 4-5 participants: $725 ($1625-$1875 total)

    • 6-8 participants: $850 ($2350-$2850 total)

  • Travel to and from Danbury, CT (By car or by rail to Brewster Station off the Metro-North Harlem Line).

  • Their own alcohol or specialty snacks (if desired).

*FORGE Red Barn Residencies are open to creators of all kinds, though artists and makers who will benefit from the studio time are preferred. The program is by application only, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

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