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Grounded in the belief that how we work matters as much as what we create and why, FORGE NYC is a boutique arts consultancy that helps organizations and independent artists take the next step in their work. Through our process-oriented consulting engagements, productive developmental workspaces, and well-curated resources, we train makers to measure the real costs of their projects, to communicate the value of their work, and, ultimately, to forge a path to success. 

We see ourselves as coaches as much as consultants. We are proud to bring our expertise to the table, as we encourage and enable our clients to build their own skills. Our goal is to teach you the tools to master your present challenges and meet those ahead with confidence.


Our own process grows from the fundamental strength of our teamwork. Working with FORGE gets you the experience and expertise of both Chie + Greg, from first meeting to final check-in. Whether we’re in complete agreement or advocating for alternatives, your project gets the benefit of having a second opinion present in the room. The best work happens when we’re working together with you.

FORGE fights for a world where art can be valued at its worth--measured in the time, talent, and energy that its makers expend to create it, and by the curiosity, imagination, and joy it sparks in our communities. As FORGE’s reach expands--both in terms of the clients we take on and the opportunities we provide--we will foster an ever-growing community of confident, competent creators who know the value of what they offer, support each other with generosity and enthusiasm, and, together, change the understanding of what art can do in the world.

Our Values

Process: We attend to why systems take shape and how projects come together, knowing that the best way to succeed is to define success.


Inclusion: We curate cohorts and conversations where people of all backgrounds can offer their perspectives, where everyone’s voice is valued, and compassion can be found in challenge as readily as in care.


Generosity: We offer open curiosity, authentic engagement, and respectful deference to makers and their work, and expect the same from the artists and organizations we serve.


Accountability: We commit to showing up for our collaborators with clearly communicated agreements, goals, and boundaries because we believe they nurture respect: for the work, for the team, and for the individual.

Wholeness: We see the people and organizations we serve as complex beings whose strengths and difficulties must be reckoned with in relation to each other and their emergent whole.


Chie met Greg by coincidence when an impromptu gathering of mutual friends landed Greg in an apartment across the hall from Chie’s Hell’s Kitchen home. By the end of the evening, they would be collaborating on two new approaches to Antigone and several months later on an outdoor 1 Henry IV. While working separately for Theater of War and the New York Neo-Futurists, they found themselves once more called to the same room, this time as consulting artists on the Tempest. Working as a team again, Chie + Greg discovered that their complementary skills could elevate the projects and companies of New York’s vibrant creative community. And so a partnership was forged.


Since 2015, FORGE has been helping artists write, read, rehearse, and stage their work; and arts companies form, incorporate, go non-profit, build their boards, fund their programs, and plan for the future.


"FORGE's expertise makes me feel like my work as an artist will be protected and supported, even as our organization grows and changes. I highly recommend them to any artist or group looking for a better way to organize their efforts."

Brittany Parker / Co-Founder / The Barn Arts Collective

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