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+ Administration

With your perfect idea and amazing collaborators ready to go, we understand that slowing down to consider the planning stages can be extremely difficult. Whether you are starting a fledgling company, revitalizing an old idea, or looking to breathe new life into an existing creation, we will provide insight and inspiration to lay a great foundation for your vision. Together, we will build systems to prime you for growth, get your financial and legal ducks in a row, and envision goals and opportunities through a roadmap and a dynamic strategic plan.

  • Mission + Vision Revamp

  • 5-Year-Plan Development + Implementation Strategy

  • Producing + General Management Consultation

  • Budget Review + Retrofit

  • Organizational Structuring + 501(c)3 Application

Book Consult
+ DevelopMENT

There’s no instruction manual when you’re building a dream, but we can prime your skills for success, and show you what’s hidden in your toolbox. Together, we’ll practice blue sky thinking, identify the right resources for you and your goals, and create a development timeline that serves your work. We will help you make the most of what you have to go after what you want.

  • Fundraising + Grant Strategy

  • Marketing + Audience Development

  • Outreach + Community Engagement

  • Board + Staff Recruitment

  • Program Growth + Implementation


Your artistic process is the spine for everything you make: It’s how the work grows, what holds it all together, and why it will make an impression. We will meet your project with nurturing patience and enthusiastic tinkering, help you navigate around your roadblocks, and encourage your best practices. Whether you need a fierce editor to pick apart your narrative, a room of like-minded collaborators to hear your words, or a warm cup of cocoa to muse over, we are here to feed your flow.

  • Writing Retreats + Residencies

  • Expert Dramaturgical + Producorial Feedback

  • Test Audience Readings

  • Production Strategy Consultations

  • Collaborator Recommendations



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