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FORGE Fuel is a quarterly retreat offering writers of all kinds a chance to spend a weekend working in the company of like-minded creators at a quiet country farmhouse in a pastoral corner of Connecticut. With plenty of opportunities for feedback and collaboration, FORGE Fuel provides the ideal conditions for lighting a fire from your creative spark.

FORGE Fuel is primarily offered to organizations for the benefit of their members, but we also curate our own cohorts once a year. 

If you think your company or membership would benefit from a FORGE Fuel, let us know. And if you'd like to attend as a solo maker, you can apply to FORGE directly.

Forge Fuel
Forge Barn


FORGE’s Red Barn Residency offers inspired space to collaborate and create outside of the swings and doldrums of daily life.

Dedicate 5 days to develop and play in our 1,500 square foot Red Barn in Danbury, Connecticut, sleep in the farmhouse next door, and enjoy a splash in the pool on your downtime. FORGE is on-hand to host your stay, coordinate meals, and offer opportunities for feedback and consultation.


Red Bard Residencies provide room and board for teams of up to 8, or smaller groups applying jointly. We welcome additional collaborators in the Barn and can direct you to local hotels and AirBnBs if you need additional lodging.


Fast Fuel is a full-day digital micro-retreat for makers, hosted free of charge over Zoom by FORGE NYC. Come get your work done in a supportive atmosphere surrounded by fellow artists, with FORGE on hand to offer on-the-spot feedback, consulting advice, and organized workflow guidance. Our special blend of cohort building, goal setting, and artist accountability is now available online to makers across the country and all over the world. 


RSVP below to join us for 7 hours of freeform co-working with bookend check-ins in the morning and evening.

Fast Fuel


Offering you insights, foresight, and oversight, the FORGE Fellowship is a fully-subsidized six-month engagement with the FORGE team bookmarked with 15 points of contact designed to help makers build the skills, systems, plans, and practices that will carry you through your life’s work as a creator.

We welcome individual makers and small teams (of no more than three) at any point in your journey to spend six months (May through October) defining, pursuing, and achieving your vision of success. We prioritize process over project deadlines, and people over productivity. We invite folks from all backgrounds, lived experiences, and cultures of expression to join in functional friction to re-envision the givens, guidelines, and glee of creative work.

This opportunity is focused on you as a maker, not on a specific project. We’re much more interested in how you make anything than what you’re currently creating. You do not need a project to apply; you and your process are the creations we are most interested in!


Click below to learn more about the consultations, skill-building workshops, conversations, community spaces, and other goodies included in a FORGE Fellowship, and apply to become one of our 2024 FORGE Fellows!

Applications for the 2024 Fellowship are closed.

Please check back next winter! 

FORGE Fellowship
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