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It's been our delight at FORGE to craft skill-building workshops for our partners and clients. We are adaptable and open to all formats including online, in-person, within two hours, over an afternoon or across two days! If you don't see what you're looking for here, please contact us to see if we can meet your learning goals with one of our current offerings, or create something new just for you!

The Artist's Roadmap
Career Planning + Branding for Makers

The best way to succeed is to define your success. Grounded in the same tools and techniques that FORGE provides their consulting clients, The Artist's Roadmap is a holistic Workshop that trains makers and organizations to articulate their purpose and plan for their future.

Encouraging participants to treat their goals as defined destinations rather than uncertain outcomes, The Artist's Roadmap offers the language, logistics, and landmarks to chart their course on their road to success.


Participants Receive:

  • A unique Mission, Core Values, and 3-Year Plan for Success made by and for themselves.

  • Accountability through a set of self-defined, measurable goals.

  • Expert guidance from FORGE.

  • On-the-spot coaching and feedback.

  • A suite of exercises, worksheets, and templates for future use.


Offered online or in-person:

One Day (4-hour) Workshop - $1800

Two Day (8-hour) Workshop - $3200

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Finance as Narrative.jpg
Sustainable, Values-Based Budgeting 

The story of your values is written into the way you save and spend. Building on the tools and techniques that FORGE provides their consulting clients, Finance as Narrative is a financial literacy workshop for individuals and new organizations that connects the logistics of when to save and where to shop with today’s priorities and tomorrow’s plans, all while empowering participants to have the literal receipts to back up the story of their lives. 


Participants Receive:

  • An approachable primer on the value and skill of budgeting

  • A categorical understanding of their monthly spending

  • A customizable personal budget template

  • Tools to reflect on the relationship between their budget and their values

  • Space to recognize and share the internal and external obstacles to intentional budgeting

  • Expert guidance from FORGE.

  • On-the-spot coaching and feedback.


Offered online or in-person:

90-minute Workshop - $700

4-hour Workshop - $1800

If + How to go 501c3
Pros + Cons of Nonprofits and the Ins + Outs of Applying

Learn the facts about and understand the full implications of applying for a receiving a 501c3 non-profit tax designation. Is your organization providing a public good, and are you interested in being accountable to the IRS for following through on your mission? Are you allowed to run a budget surplus or make a profit? Get up to speed on what it means and what it takes to go non-profit so you can decide what's best for you!

Participants Receive:

  • An overview of 501c3 tax status

  • Clear criteria and rubrics for deciding to apply for a 501c3

  • A step-by-step walkthrough of the application

  • Expert guidance from FORGE

  • Plenty of time for questions and individual feedback


Offered online or in-person:

*90-minute Workshop - $700

3-hour Workshop - $1500

*If you are an A.R.T./New York Member, ask them for access to our pre-recorded version.

Accounting Documents

If + HOw to go


A hungry female holding an empty bowl on white background..jpg

for a friend

asking for a friend
Finding Resources By Building Relationships

It can feel like a struggle for artists, makers, and their organizations to find the resources they need, whether that's time, money, material, workspace, or professional assistance. But when it comes to getting those resources, what matters most isn't the stuff you're asking for, but how you ask for anything. Come practice what FORGE calls Collaborative Asking and learn how to nurture a community that's always ready to support your work.


Participants Receive:

  • An introduction to collaborative asking and the traditions behind it.

  • Opportunities to practice collaborative asking and resource generation with each other.

  • A step-by-step approach to crafting collaborative asks

  • Expert guidance from FORGE.

  • On-the-spot coaching and feedback.


Offered online or in-person:

2-hour Workshop - $1200

Don't See What You're Looking FOR?

We'd be happy to build a new workshop for you! Email us about commissions.

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