2021 FORGE 


For artists, creators, makers, entrepreneurs, revolutionaries, and idea-havers like you. 


At FORGE, co-founded by Chie Morita + Greg Taubman, we believe that how you work matters just as much as why you create and what you want to make. And when we say “make” we believe the sky's the limit. Whether it’s a fresh product line, a much needed service, an innovative design concept, a push for justice, a new script, a board game idea, an immersive restaurant concept, or a sandwich for lunch, FORGE believes in the power of process, and in building the skills, systems, plans, and practices that will carry you not only through your next set of goals, but your life’s work as a creator.


With a 2021 FORGE Fellowship, we invite individual makers and small teams (of no more than three) at any point in their career or process to spend a year (February through January) digging in, getting curious, and defining success. Learn to articulate your work to fellow innovators, concoct creative solutions to today’s conundrums, and retrofit your process with guidance from FORGE and leaders in your field. 


We invite folx with diverse backgrounds, lived experiences, and modes of expression to incite creative friction and re-envision the inherited systems and accepted norms of our fields. Together, we will foster an ever-growing community of confident creators who are unafraid to ask for what they need, actively challenge implicit and explicit bias, support each other with generosity and enthusiasm, and ultimately, change the understanding of what we can do in the world. 


You bring the spark. We light the FORGE. 

Key Dates

Applications Open:

September 30th ,2020

Applications Close:

November 23rd ,2020

Panel Review:

December 1-11, 2020


December 14-19, 2020

Fellows Announced:

January 11, 2021

Fellowship Duration:

Feb. 1, 2021 - Jan 31, 2022




 Accomplices + Accountability  

  • Skilled and passionate peers to celebrate, commiserate, collaborate and collide with

  • Monthly touchpoints to share your musings, struggles, and successes

  • Structures and systems for naming, pursuing, and reflecting on your personal and creative goals 


 Training + Tools 

  • Two FORGE Fuel Retreat Weekends (online) to focus and scheme with Chie, Greg, and your cohort

  • Three skill-building Masterclasses, including FORGE’s own Artist’s Roadmap

  • Access to FORGE’s public and proprietary resources for planning and promotion



Inspiration + Expertise

  • Three intimate Salons to collect first-hand wisdoms from expert makers

  • Four 60-minute consulting sessions with FORGE to awaken insight and project success 

  • Twelve months of hands-on guidance and feedback from Chie + Greg




To apply, please submit the above application form. It’s only a few questions long and could take you less than 30 minutes.

We know you have a lot of other things on your plate today. 


Applications for 2021 FORGE Fellowships will be accepted between September 30th, 2020 and November 23rd, 2020.

To be eligible for our 2021 FORGE Fellowship, please apply by November 23rd, 2020. 

To preview the application questions for offline drafting, click here.


FORGE Fellowship applications are reviewed by a panel of artistic and entrepreneurial professionals.

Interviews with Chie + Greg will be conducted with semi-finalists before final selections are made.

To learn more about the panelist review criteria, click here.



I’m not based in New York. Can I still apply? 

Absolutely! A 2021 FORGE Fellowship is entirely online and open to engagement from anywhere in the world. Our 13 points of contact are mandatory, but we will work with you to ensure that you have access in consideration of your time zone.

Can you tell me more about the application process and timeline? 

Sure thing! You fill out our streamlined application (only a few questions!) by November 23rd, 2020. It goes straight to a panel of professional makers and entrepreneurs that chooses semi-finalists for FORGE by December 11, 2020. Greg + Chie will host interviews with semi-finalists during the week of December 14th, and announce our Fellows on January 11th, 2021! The Fellowship will begin on February 1st, 2021 and run until January 31st, 2022.


And if I’m selected, what happens from February 1, 2021 to January 31, 2022?

In February your FORGE Fellowship programming will officially begin!

You’ll have officially programmed touchpoints with FORGE once per month, which will rotate between:

- Four Individual 60-minute consulting sessions with Chie + Greg 

- Three 2-hour online Salons with Expert Makers curated exclusively for your Fellowship cohort 

- Three 4-hour online Masterclasses--including FORGE’s own Artist’s Roadmap, a Anti-Racism Workshop, and an opportunity of your choosing--that will help you build your skills as a maker, hustler, and human 

- and two weekend-long online retreats (2 seven-hour days) to work alongside your Fellows and get instant feedback and support from FORGE. 

And for the full year you’ll have access to Chie + Greg as your personal coaches and cheerleaders, and all of FORGE’s public and proprietary resources ready to support you as you chart your course and build your dreams. We’ll expect you to show up for all our programmed touchpoints, and stay actively engaged with FORGE and your Fellowship cohort in between. Once your Fellowship wraps in 2022, FORGE will work to stay in touch with you and keep you connected with your Fellows community.


I’m not making Theater… can I still apply? 

Please do! The FORGE Fellowship is for anyone who wants to make a new experience. We’re into it if your output is a book, a business, a burrito, or a better world. We just want you to be engaging in your process and interested in developing your craft.


I don’t know exactly what I’m making next year … can I still apply? 

Of course! This Fellowship exists to support your growth in your craft, your career, your art, and your life. Whether you begin or complete a project during your Fellowship year is up to you and your process.


Can I submit as a group, or just as myself? 

This Fellowship is intended for individual makers and small teams (of no more than three). Please note that we do not provide additional resources for additional participants (i.e. the same one hour consultation is available to an individual or a team of three, though your whole team is invited to attend). 


How many Fellows do you accept in a year? 

The 2021 FORGE Fellowship is designed to support five makers or teams from February 1, 2021 to January 31, 2022. 


How do you select your Fellows each year? 

The FORGE Fellowship Review Panel is made up of professional makers and entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and skills. The panel reviews every application received before the deadline, paying special attention to the application’s cohesiveness and panache, as well as the applicant’s perspective and need. Semi-Finalists will be contacted for an interview with Greg + Chie before Final selections are made. 


And who is FORGE again?

FORGE is a boutique consultancy and arts service organization founded by Chie Morita + Greg Taubman with the mission of helping makers of all kinds take the next step in their own work. Since 2015 we’ve been helping companies assess their missions, build their budgets, become non-profits, and plan for the future, as well hosting retreats and supporting career growth for many independent creators. You can learn more about FORGE, Chie, and Greg at www.forgenyc.org/about.


Here’s my concern: this field is rife with ‘developmental’ opportunities that exploit and undervalue creative workers, especially those from historically marginalized groups. What can you tell me about your Fellowship to set it apart from other programs that perpetuate systems of oppression?

We hear you, and we agree. Here’s what we have to say about it: the animating impulse for this Fellowship comes from a desire to dismantle those systems and provide individuals with the tools and training not only to make their work, but remake the way we collectively work. The only real source of the institutional and systemic changes that are so urgently needed comes not from statements of desire or belief, but substantive action. FORGE has--and will continue to--put its values into action, specifically for the Fellowship in the following ways:

  • We see the injustice inherent in the unpaid labor of filling out applications. We have made our application free and prioritized brevity in order to minimize the upfront investment of unpaid time. 

  • We know that we carry internalized biases and preconceptions. We are assembling a diverse, representative, and independent panel to review applications, compensating the panelists for their time, and building a firewall between us and their decision-making process to guard against our own internalized narratives. 

  • We value representation in the Fellowship cohort. We are prioritizing the inclusion of different life experiences and perspectives within the cohort; different from each other and different from our own.

  • We understand that making an opportunity available is not enough; we must care for the safety and wellbeing of our participants. We aim to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive Fellowship by relying on our own training as space-makers and on curating the appropriate outside experts and workshop leaders for our cohort.

  • We reject scarcity and the exploitation of artists and makers. We are offering our entire suite of online resources and 30+ hours of personal real-time attention from Greg + Chie (market rate: $1500+) at no additional cost to the Fellows. Experts and workshop leaders who contribute to Fellowship programming will be fully compensated for their services. Though we cannot at this time subsidize the technology or connectivity required to take advantage of our resources, we intend the Fellowship to place no additional financial burdens on the part of the Fellows. We pledge to make financial stipends available to FORGE Fellows within three years.

  • We are here to serve the Fellows through our tools and expertise; we do not view their identities, activities, and experiences as existing for our benefit. Other than the initial announcement of the accepted Fellows, we will not feature any Fellow or their work on our public platforms without informed consent from that Fellow. 

  • We know we do not have all the answers and that we will always be learning. We empower and expect the Fellows and the community to hold us accountable to our values and standards, both through established systems of complaint and redress, as well as other public or informal forums. We will meet feedback with respect, humility, and curiosity, understanding that the person naming a harm bears no responsibility for further explaining that harm.


Ok, let’s say I have a much more specific question like “can you look over my pitch letter?”...

That’s precisely what our work is dedicated to. We’d be happy to give you specific feedback on a project, either during one of our consulting meetings or via email in between, and your suite of resources will include templates and ideation exercises to help you get a fresh perspective on your work. 


I actually couldn’t find my question here. Can we talk? 

We’d be happy to talk more with you about the FORGE Fellowship, your projects, or your goals! Just email contact@forgenyc.org for a general inquiry, or greg@forgenyc.org or chie@forgenyc.org if you have a specific question for one of us. 


* denotes required questions

First order of business: 

  • Today's date* 

  • How did you hear about our Fellowship?* 


Now, tell us a little about yourself. 

  • What’s your full name?*

  • What are your pronouns?* 

  • What is the best phone number for us to contact you?* 

  • What is your email address?*

  • Where are you in the world? (City, State, Country)*

[For Small Teams:]

Human #2 

  • What’s their full name?*

  • What are their pronouns?* 

Human #3 

  • What’s their full name?*

  • What are their pronouns?*

  • If you have any other team members or non-human collaborators we should know about, please list them below:


Now let’s go a little deeper. 

  • What's your personal mission statement?*   

  • [For Small Teams: What's your team's mission statement? ]*
    • Your mission is the heart and soul articulation of who you are as a maker. FORGE loves mission statements that offer a tiny experience of what it’s like to work with you. 

  • What do you make?*

    • How do you identify as a creator? 

  • What does a successful Fellowship look like to you?*

    • The easiest way to succeed is to define success. What goals do you have for a year as a FORGE Fellow? 

  • How do you hope a FORGE Fellowship will impact your work, life, and process?


And finally, three last confirmations and a little bonus 

  • I have read the Fellowship page on the FORGE website and Fellowship FAQ, feel confident I understand the details of a FORGE Fellowship, and am ready to make the commitment from February 1st, 2021 through January 31st, 2022  if I am selected! 

  • I understand that the FORGE Fellowship is a year-long engagement bookmarked by 13 points of contact and that my attendance at all of them and active participation in between are mandatory requirements to receive this Fellowship.

  • I am ready to assert my value as a maker in new ways, arrive open to creative collision, and scout my expansiveness. 

  • Anything else you want to tell us? 

    • Do you have an incredible immigration story? Do you know where all the best museums in Stockholm are? Can you sing the national anthem backwards while accompanying yourself on the kazoo? Tell us everything.​

Panelist Criteria + Process

Our review panel will consist of three (3) to five (5) professional makers and entrepreneurs –chosen for their expertise, diversity in practice and medium, and accomplishments in their field– who will review all applications, as well as help with the interview process and final selections. For our inaugural Fellowship, panelists will be selected by FORGE with the aim to represent the diversity of our applicant pool. Chie + Greg will not serve as Panelists but will conduct interviews with the panelists. 


In reviewing applications, panelists will consider the following criteria: 


  1. Compelling Application: 

    • Does the applicant present a powerful mission or approach to their work that interests and excites the panel? Does the applicant seem passionate about and invested in their creative work?

  2. Cohesive Application: 

    • Does the applicant’s work fit their mission statement? Do you feel a strong investment from the applicant towards their stated measures of success? 

  3. Program Fit: 

    • Will a FORGE Fellowship contribute to the maker's professional growth and career advancement? Is a FORGE Fellowship a good fit for the applicant at this time? 

  4. Unique Perspective:

    • FORGE is seeking Fellows with diverse backgrounds, lived experiences, and modes of expression. How will the applicant’s perspective contribute to the wider cohort? 

All applications receive equal consideration through a three-round review process (Initial Screening, Panel review and FORGE Interview): 

  1. Round One: Initial Screening

    • Chie + Greg will review all applications for completeness. In the event an application seems incomplete, FORGE may reach out to the applicant before sending the application to the panelists. 

  2. Round Two: Panel Review

    • Panelists will be asked to consider the application text only. They will not be asked to visit additional websites or social media channels, or consider materials beyond those submitted by the applicant. However, they may bring their personal experience to the table if they have experienced any work by the maker, after disclosing this experience with the panel. Panelists will select up to thirty (30) applicants to advance to Round Three, the interview. All applicants will be notified if they will be receiving an interview by December 14th, 2020.​​

  3. Round Three: Interview

    • Up to thirty (30) applicants will be asked to schedule an interview over Zoom between December 14th and December 18th, 2020. An interview is mandatory to receive a FORGE Fellowship. Interviews will be scheduled for 45 minutes each, which includes time for finalists to ask FORGE any questions they may have. The panelists and FORGE will then select up to five (5) Fellowship recipients. Once the selections have been made, Chie + Greg will make Fellowship offers by phone the week of January 4th, 2021. 

Anytime between February 1st, 2021 and February 28th, 2021, any applicant who was not selected will be able to receive written feedback from the panelists, a 30 minute feedback session with FORGE, or both. 

FORGE has pledged to make financial stipends available to FORGE Fellows within three years, at that time, Finalists who do not receive a Fellowship will also receive an honorarium for their time.




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